Top 5 Best Angelcare Baby Monitor (2019 Reviews)

Best Angelcare Baby Monitor Reviews

Hi all, in the last post, I shared with you some best Motorola baby monitor as well as best video baby monitor models coming from different brands and talked about its features as well as advantages and disadvantages. Today, I continue with a post about Angelcare Baby Monitor Review which provides you much useful information about audio and video baby monitor from brand Angelcare.

About the Angelcare

I think sometimes you hear about this brand which is founded in 1997 with baby care product. Over years of development, Angelcare today exists in about 60 countries. To help parents not alone in new adventure of parenthood, Angelcare has launched various type of baby monitor being suitable for demand of different family. However, in this post, I just introduce to you 5 models of this brand to help you compare baby monitors and find the most suitable one for you.

List of 5 Best Angelcare Baby Monitor

1. AngelCare AC-401 New Model Deluxe Movement Sound Monitor

AngelCare AC-401 New Model Deluxe Movement Sound Monitor with Night Light

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I have made a post to review Angelcare AC401 baby monitor, you can find more information about this model in post. This baby monitor helps you in monitoring sounds from baby and detects motion by a movement sensor. AC401 is a combined baby monitor between audio and motion monitor. It means that this baby monitor picks up sounds from baby’s room and transmits to parent unit and sends an alarm if the sound exceeds the preset level. Moreover, motion monitor function is performed with a sensitive reception pads to detect movement and motion of your baby.

This Angelcare AC401 audio and motion baby monitor has a good price range, near 100$ (depend on each time), so I think it is suitable for those who are looking for an affordable baby monitor with motion detection. As I know, movement and motion baby monitor often has high price, so I think Angelcare really offers a good deal. Moreover, some best video baby monitor models are not much cheaper than this one. Children often move even when he is sleeping but audio baby monitor just picks up sounds from him while in some dangerous case such as suffocation, there is no sounds. Therefore, it will be safer for your children if the baby monitor sends an alarm to parents if it doesn’t detect any move in 20 seconds.

In such price range, AC401 is really impressive when offers many nice features: 2 frequencies and 8 channels for optimal sound quality and minimal interference; Under-the-Mattress movement sensor pad for movement detection, nursery temperature monitoring, out of range alert and so on.

Its pros and cons:


  • Sensitive sensor pad and clear sound for superior monitoring

During testing time, there are no any false alarms thanks to its sensitivity set correctly. Various frequencies and channels with sensitivity dial found on the back of baby unit, and it can be adjusted helps us very much on picking sounds from baby’s room. This sensitive reception pads picks up any movements, whether it is the child rolling over, breathing or playing. It brings me feel of reliability.

  • Good range

Its range up to 820ft and plus with out of range indicator so I can bring it around home without worrying about out of range.

  • Compact and nice design
  • Customizable setting


  • Not very easy to set up sensor pads leading to some false in alarming

I feel it’s quite hard for parent to set up and place it in right position at the first time. But after reading carefully manual book and trial, I could position and hook up correctly.

  • Not very long battery life

Overall, I am satisfied with all features it provides. There are not so many features but each feature it owns brings the convenience and comfort to users.

Notably, manufacture recommends parents to use this Angelcare AC401 audio and motion baby monitor for children from newborn to 24 months. After that, parents should remove the movement sensor pads from under the mattress and use it as an audio baby monitor only. This pad can be stored in dry place for re-use for your next newborn.

Of course, if your child is newborn but you want to use it as the audio baby monitor only, it’s totally OK.

2. Angelcare AC420 Baby Sound Monitor

Top 5 Best Angelcare Baby Monitor (2019 Reviews) 1

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Price: $59.99

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Angelcare AC420 baby monitor is simply an audio baby monitor without any motion detection like AC401. This baby monitor, like other audio monitor, has very attractive price that everyone can afford. In affordable price range, AC420 therefore provide very simple features but I think for an audio baby monitor, these features are enough. AC420 show indicators in a full color digital display which is easy to read. The temperature of nursery room is shown on the center of the screen with a column of sound light in the side. This portable with rechargeable parent unit has solid stand with function buttons below the screen which is very easy to operate. For design of this AC420, I see nothing special but everything is very suitable and easy for user to operate on it. Its pros and cons:


  • Simple and easy to use

As I talk above, this audio baby monitor suit for everyone because it’s cheap and easy to use. Everyone can use it without reading manual. Sometime, I feel it is easier than finding some buttons on TV Remote device.

  • Affordable price

It’s no doubt that finance is big problem for many people. An affordable price will help you to keep peace of mind even when you have low income.


  • Battery life is not very good

3. Angelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, Gray/white

List Price: $149.99

Price: $149.99

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Angelcare baby monitor AC1100 is a combination between audio – video and motion baby monitor. Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad – Senses each and every one of your baby’s movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds, so you and baby can sleep tight. AC1100 also transmits video of your baby via a 2.75’’ LCD touch screen and pick up any sounds from your children to parent unit. Thanks to this baby monitor, you can watch any movements or activities of your little one.

In comparison with AC401 and AC420, this Angelcare baby monitor AC1100 has higher price; however, it also offers more advanced features than these two models. Besides video transmission and movement detection, AC1100 also provides people with features of talking back to babies and infrared night vision which support monitor to stream video in the dark, so you can see what’s happening in the nursery without disturbing baby’s sleep.


  • Attractive price

Although its price is higher than AC401 and AC420, this baby monitor is still in low price range (around $100). It offers nice features, which allows you to monitor sound, video and movement of your baby but it’s not expensive at all.

  • Reliable

AC1100 brings parents further convenient and peace of mind with infrared night vision as well as talk back function and other nice features. During test, it didn’t lose signal or got any interference.


  • The power cord is short. You should have outlet near the device.

4. Angelcare AC310 Baby Video Monitor

Top 5 Best Angelcare Baby Monitor (2019 Reviews) 2

List Price: $199.99

Price: $199.99

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AC310 is more advanced model with added features compared with other Angelcare baby monitor. Of course, it has higher price. But this is a high-end model which brings you further comfort and peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing you can see and hear baby in their room while you’re in another. Angel care’s AC510 video and audio monitor offers a convenient and large touchscreen display combined with innovative style. Monitor baby’s environment with the sleek wall-mount and/or tabletop camera that digitally displays nursery room temperature which is ideal for infants as well as busy toddlers on the go.

Unlike its similar version like AC417 which will be mentioned below, AC310 doesn’t support movement detection. Especially, AC310 allows parents to remotely zoom 2x and pan the camera to scan the room. With this, you will have a comprehensive view. Moreover, one of the most significant features of this Angelcare baby monitor is expandability which allows you to expand for added camera and can split screen for view.


  • Advanced technology

It’s not doubt that this Angelcare baby monitor AC310 is modern than other models like AC401 or AC420. With advanced technology from this, parents will be comfortable and peace of mind about their baby’s safe and sound.

  • Perfect sound quality and video quality

Sound from this baby monitor is clear and video is crystal. Plus, images are shown on a 5’’ large touchscreen and this brings me the feel of luxury and modern.


  • High price

For someone who wants to save money, I think the price of this baby monitor is high. However, what it brings are value for money

5. Angelcare AC417 Baby Breathing & Video Monitor

Top 5 Best Angelcare Baby Monitor (2019 Reviews) 3

List Price: $99.99

Price: $99.99

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Customer Rating: (30 Reviews)

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In the very first experience, I felt this Angelcare baby monitor AC417 is similar to AC310. But it still stands out with some nice features. Unlike AC310, Angelcare baby monitor AC417 is a combination between motion and video baby monitor. Angelcare baby monitor AC417 also owns a 4.3’’ LCD touch screen which maximum the view size of the monitor. Wireless Movement Sensor Pad tucks underneath the mattress away from baby, indirectly monitoring their tiniest movements. This AC417 Angelcare baby monitor has excellent range up to 820 ft., plus with alert for out of range, low battery, room temperature and movement will ensure your babies safe and sound and help you to keep an eyes on everything your babies do.

Moreover, AC417 allows people to expand up to 4 cameras and view on split-screen and ability to 2x digital zoom. This digital zoom doesn’t affect much on quality of picture; however, if you prefer an optical zoom baby monitor, you can consider Infant Optics DXR-8 which is in same price range with this AC417.


  • A modern baby monitor for convenience and comfort

I cannot deny the comfortable and convenient that this high-end Angelcare baby monitor brings to me. The large, touch, LCD screen is the biggest plus point. I don’t like trying to open my eyes to look at small screen. Moreover, full monitoring from this baby monitor keeps me peace of mind.

  • Excellent sound and picture quality

I appreciate its quality of sound and picture. All are clear and crystal.


  • High price

As a high end baby monitor with combination between video and motion detection baby monitor, its price is high, obviously. However, I think it is worth for money. Trust me, you will not regret.


So, thank you so much to spending time here. Hope that you can find one among these above Angelcare baby monitor for your little one. If you need further information or advices for other type of baby monitor which is suitable for your situation, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I will read carefully and reply to you.

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