Top 5 Best Baby Monitor For iPhone (2019 Reviews)

Best Baby Monitor For iPhone Reviews

It is no doubt that Apple products are quite popular nowadays. And if you are using an iPhone, it is more convenient for you if other devices like baby monitor are compatible with iphone. Therefore, we choose a list of best baby monitor for iPhone to make your parenting easier in busy life today.

Five products I want to mention today are: Snug Baby Monitor V2, Puretech Baby Monitor, ComfortCam Pro, iBaby M6T and Sumpple Wired/Wireless baby monitor. All of them are best wifi baby monitor models for iPhone. It doesn’t mean that they are just used for iPhone but they are most compatible product and best baby monitor for using with iPhone.

Detail review for Best baby monitor for iphone

1. Snug Baby Monitor v2

Snug Baby Monitor v2

List Price: $149.99

Price: $27.99

You save: $122.00 (81%)

Customer Rating: (318 Reviews)

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Snug is a brand manufacturing sound and play products like headphone, hearing protector, especially baby care products such as travel baby bed or Snug baby monitor. In which, Snug V2 is one of the most remarkable one. Like other Wifi baby monitor, this Snug V2 allows you monitoring baby wherever you are with internet connection. Unlike most of other wifi baby monitor, Snug V2 has motion detection to monitor movement of your baby. Its pros and cons as below:


  • Affordable price

This factor is concerned by many people. Not all people have high income to afford for a high-end baby monitors. So, Snug launches this baby monitor; although it doesn’t have full pack of features like lullabies or two way communication like others, but it provides right price for all people can afford for it.

  • Simple and quick set up

I can easily set up it, then download its app (for free, I use iPhone 6) and then enter required information and password. It is very simple. I also change personal password for added security.

  • Peace of mind

Snug V2 best wifi baby monitor allows people monitoring their babies wherever they are. Moreover, parents have added peace of mind with motion and sound detection. The combination among video – wifi – audio and motion baby monitor in Snug V2 bring people further comfort. Instead of constantly checking screen to watch baby, you can turn video off and still receive alerts from system if sound exceeds preset level or no movement detected after preset time.

It also has remote pan and tilt together with led indicator and night vision light sensor.


  • The picture is not very clear when you zoom
  • The app consumes my device’s battery fast.

I have two words to talk about this best wifi baby monitor: simple and useful. Although it isn’t advanced like other expensive one but it complete the tasks of a baby monitor and make parent peace of mind. Because it is design to be compatible with IOS and Android system, its operation is smooth. I use an iPhone 6 and I have no complains about its performance.

2. Puretech Baby Video Baby Monitor Camera Compatible with iPhone

Puretech Baby Video Baby Monitor Camera Compatible with iPhone

List Price: $79.99

Price: $59.95

You save: $20.04 (25%)

Customer Rating: (96 Reviews)

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Puretech Wifi Baby Monitor is also a simple one that is suitable for those who use an iPhone. This baby monitor also allows you to watch your baby from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet with internet connection. Its pros and cons:


  • Easy to set up and use

Just some minutes to set up and use immediately. Its instructions to set up are available on Youtube or Website or Puretech.

  • Affordable price

This baby monitor also has a very suitable price that everyone can afford for.

  • Wide lens and simple features

This baby monitor doesn’t full of advanced features like other high-end baby monitor. However, it still offers parents wide angel lens for comprehensively monitoring your baby and surround environment.

It also have motion detector, IR night vison and free app for smartphone and tablet. Everything are simple and enough in that such cheap price.


  • Cannot remotely pan/tilt or zoom

3. ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor

ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor

List Price: List price not available

Price: Price not available

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (163 Reviews)

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ComfortCam is a baby monitor with camera and night vision, remote pan and tilt functionality, and the ability to remotely view and capture images and video on a smartphone or tablet. With the addition of a MicroSD card you can also record and store hours of video on the camera for viewing later. This ComfortCam Pro seems to be like a security rather than a baby monitor. However, the features which are similar to security camera make this monitor special. Let’s see its remarkable features and its pros and cons:


  • Good quality of image and quality

This baby monitor has good quality of video, especially when you watch on a high resolution screen smartphone. Therefore, it’s very suitable for iPhone. I use an iPhone 6 and I am totally satisfied with its image.

However, images from night vision are not really good. It’s little grainy but I can still see my baby.

  • Convenient and reliable

Wide coverage with remote control will bring you further convenient in monitoring your baby.

ComfortCam Pro is the easy, safe, and private way to stay connected to your child anytime. You can use it as a traditional monitor when you are in its network and you will have a clearer screen and better audio in your pocket with your smartphone when you are away. ComfortCam uses a custom app for both iOS and Android to quickly and easily connect directly to your ComfortCam Pro camera giving you access to your child wherever you are. It also monitors and detects motion; therefore, it brings you full peace of mind.


  • Monthly payment for ComfortCam Plus service

You buy this baby monitor and you can use it anywhere in your network with advanced features. However, to use it out of network, you have to pay 9.99$ per month for using ComfortCam Plus Service.

This service will be free for 30 days and then you have to pay for signing in. During trial time, you can test and evaluate this before buying.

For me, I high appreciate it (may paid service be often better than free one). All performance and functions are smooth and nice.

In my opinion, you just have to pay for a sum equivalent to one or two breakfasts for added peace of mind and safe and sound of your baby. So I think it is not expensive at all. 

4. iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Camera Monitor

iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Camera Monitor

List Price: $159.95

Price: $68.73

You save: $91.22 (57%)

Customer Rating: (147 Reviews)

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This model transmits you images of your babies in crystal clear HD day or night with resolution of 720p HD. Another outstanding feature of this iBaby Monitor M6T is to allow you play soothing music or lullabies to keep your babies calm if she cries or is in tough time.

In that price range, iBaby Monitor M6T doesn’t have all possible feature, but it does have a bunch of great functions that suit just about everyone.

Without no change in overall design in comparison with its previous version M6, M6T has some features and seems to be an upgraded version of model M6. iBaby Monitor M6T still has unisex and nice design. It includes monitor base and the camera unit as a bold, bulbous ball which is really impressed. As manufacturer says, iBaby Monitor M6T brings you both fun and peace of mind, you can stay calm and work if you can check and watch the images of you babies in high definition, even at night with LEDs night vision.

Followings are its remarkable points and its pros and cons:


  • Good and clear video quality

720HD resolution video quality brings clear images to parent. When tested this one, I used an iPhone 6 to set up app and I see it very clearly from screen of this iPhone. It’s same when I used app on Samsung Note 5.

  • Nice and compact design with white color and eye-catching

I appreciate the design of iBaby models because this brand often launches many baby monitors with nice design. This iBaby monitor is one of these. Unlike most of other baby monitor, iBaby just has baby unit which is as a bold ball placed on a base. Parent unit is app installed on smartphone or compatible devices. White color brings me fresh feeling.

With only 2.2 pounds of weight and dimension of 7x7x7 inches, it’s very convenient, portable and tremendously easy to install and set up.

  • Convenient

Some of its nice features like remote pan and tilt for maximum area coverage, 2-way communication bring you further comfort and convenient. You just sit there, remotely pan and tilt to scan the room or zoom to see everything clearly. Moreover, you can talk to your baby to calm his down by your voice without running to nursery room when you are in office or in different room in house.

Moreover, I like the function of music playing and voice recording. I can soothe my baby by lullabies. In addition, when I am on business trip, I will record bed time stories to soothe my baby to sleep. It’s very helpful when I cannot talk to my child. He immediately calms down when hear my familiar voice.

  • Added with new advanced features

One of the new changed point of M6T is temperature and humidity sensor. This provides you information of temperature and humidity in baby’s room.

Regarding to experience on iPhone, I am totally satisfied with its performance, no lag or stop.

It’s not exaggerative to say that this all-in-one iBaby Monitor is one that every parent should have to ensure safety of babies and help parents to have a peace of mind.


  • iBaby M6T also cannot mount on wall by itself.

This iBaby Monitor M6 cannot mount wall by itself; this is a pity, however, there is another good new that we can use support device call iBaby Wall Mount if you want place it on the wall. But, with 360 degree pan and 100 degree tilt, it’s enough for monitoring your babies, so wall mount device only should be an option for which family really needs.

  • High price in comparison with other best baby monitor for iphone

However, the experience on this baby monitor is really amazing and its high-end baby monitor with advanced features. Therefore, I think it’s not expensive at all. If you can afford, I think this model is one you should buy.

5. Sumpple Wifi Wireless Digital Baby Monitor Video Camera HD 720P

Sumpple Wifi Wireless Digital Baby Monitor Video Camera HD 720P

List Price: List price not available

Price: Price not available

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (13 Reviews)

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There is another cheap model of best baby monitor for iPhone. Its price is a little higher than Puretech Baby Monitor; however, it has many other advanced features. Of course, it still remains both pros and cons:


  • Affordable price

As I said above, its price range suits for almost people. There are many Wi Fi baby monitor, but it’s hard for you to find one with price under 100$ but still ensure the quality. However, Summple baby monitor can do this. Although it is cheap but I appreciate its quality as well as features it offers.

  • Good features in such cheap price range

You invest about 79$ then receive bunch of nice features such as: two-way communication, motion and sound detection which ensures the baby’s safety. Moreover, this also has temperature and humidity monitoring.

In addition, I really likes the feature of playing music uploading from Cell Phone and its SD card 46GB for video recording and image capturing. Before using this baby monitor, I don’t think that a cheap baby monitor can offers these features. However, Summple makes an exception.

  • Good video and image quality on iPhone screen


  • Not very good IR night vision

However, we still see baby within 15 meters. But the images are a little grainy.


Thank you for spending time here. Goodbye and see you again in a post about Levana baby monitor reviews and Snug baby monitor; these are two brands with many nice baby monitors in suitable price range.

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