Top Best Canned Cat Food (2019 Reviews)

Best Canned Cat Food Reviews

So what is the big deal about the best canned cat food in 2019? Why is it a preferred method of feeding for cats? Is it more expensive than dry cat food?

Dry Cat Food vs. Canned Cat Food

These are all questions we ask when we are looking into the best canned cat food 2019. The biggest difference between the best dry cat food and the best canned cat food is the water content.

The best wet cat food averages around 78% of water content while dry cat food is only 10%.

While even the best dry cat food is great for your cat you must make sure the proper hydration is available for your cat. If your cat is particularly picky about their water availability there are some awesome water dishes out there that offer running fresh water. This could be perfect for your cat.

Best why is the water content so important?

The original diet of the wild cats is prey that consists of 78% of water content. Along with the original diet, cats really aren’t required to drink water like they are now (especially if they eat dry cat food).

Water content gives our cats the hydration they need to survive and live a healthy life. If a cat doesn’t get the proper hydration we will start seeing things like kidney disease and urinary tract infections start showing up.

On average, most cats (especially indoor cats) don’t get the proper hydration they required when they are eating dry cat food. Having the best canned cat food 2019 is a great way to not only get the proper nutrition in their daily diet, but also they also receive that much needed hydration required for a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Best Wet Cat Food?

After deciding that you want your pet to have canned cat food the next step is finding the best wet cat food 2019.

Many of the same point of finding the best dry cat food are the same as finding the best canned cat food 2019.

We are looking for high protein, good fat, grain free, with no fillers or by-products. 3 of the first 5 key ingredients are best if they are some sort of meat.

Having fish as a main ingredient is not bad as long as that is not the only meat you will be using. Fish tends to be high in fat and has a greater risk of fish toxins. Make sure you mix it up when using fish for the best canned cat food.

Grain Free Cat Food

Why is grain free cat food so important? The grains used within cat food are used as fillers. They give no nutrients for the cats diet. It’s easy to see why grains such as corn, soy, or wheat are used since it is so much cheaper to use compared to quality meats.

These grains not only don’t help with the cat’s diet, they actually make it worse. So often urinary tract infections can be traced right back to the grains in the food.

Sure, it may be cheaper to buy foods with fillers versus the best canned cat food 2019 that has quality meats but in the end we are saving our cat’s health by offering a much more healthier diet.

Top Best Canned Cat Food Reviews in 2019

1. Weruva Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food

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One of the highest rated canned cat food, Weruva offers a great balanced diet that is great for any cat. They offer 14 different varieties to give your cat many options aside from the same old, same old.

Safe For Human Consumption

One of the best things about this product is that it is made in a human food facility. This means that while this product is being produce they are holding the same standards as human food.

If cat food isn’t safe for humans, then why would we feed it to our pets? With Weruva products you can rest easy knowing that this food is safe for cats just as it were safe for humans.

Fine Eating for Felines

This best canned cat food 2019 is grain free and full of the quality ingredients we want for out cats. This is quality that our pets can taste and will love from the first time. Even the finickiest cats enjoy the varieties this company provides.

2. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Cat Recipes Chicken Pate

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Price: $38.66

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Wet Cat Food Reviews

With its first ingredient being deboned chicken you know you are getting a quality product. None of this grinding up whole chickens (bones and all) to feed to your pet. If we humans wouldn’t eat it, why should our pets?

Grain Free

All the reviews I do for the best canned cat food 2019 will always be grain free. I see no point in reviewing items that would not have the your pet’s best interest. This is yet another example of a grain free option for your cat’s diet.

Tons of Varieties

Merrick offers so many varieties of canned and dry cat food (they also offer some awesome dog food options as well!). All of their other options for the best canned cat food 2019 all rate so high for their taste, quality, and health benefits. This will be one company that you will not regret purchasing from.

3. Halo Grain Free Senior Chicken & Chickpea Recipe Wet Cat Food

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List Price: $22.54

Price: $22.54

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For our final best wet cat food review we are looking at the Halo company. They have excellent reviews and are really committed serving only the best product to our pets.

You will not find any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this can.  They are only using the best meat products.

In fact, Amazon has the complete label available through the link below. You can look over it yourself and make a proper judgment on what you want your cat to eat.

Just For Picky Cats

Even the pickiest cats agree that this best canned cat food is not so bad afterall. The real chicken chunks only enhance the quality of this cat food making it very appetizing for cats to consume. Make Halo cat food the last cat food your will have to try for your picky cat.

Picture of Health

So many people have been able to see an amazing difference when switching to Halo cat food. In fact, switching to any of these 3 best canned cat food 2019 options have given such a great bill of health. They have become the epitome of a healthy cat lifestyle making the quality of life so much more enjoyable.

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