Top best Chinese TIG welder reviews in the USA 2019

Top best Chinese TIG welder reviews in the USA 2019 1

You have a keen interest in purchasing a Chinese TIG welder machine or perhaps to understand precisely how these machines work. You will encounter endless options, and that’s why it’s somewhat tricky to decide on a specific TIG welder. And in my opinion, it is the only reason for buyers becoming so confused.

Here you will not just find fair reviews of different welders, but you will also obtain valuable info. I genuinely hope that my site not merely serve you using the listing of topmost exceptional best Chinese TIG welder but also work as a source of advice, so you don’t need to spend unnecessary time browsing the world wide web to learn what isn’t known for you.

List of 3 best chinese tig welder

1. HITBOX Portable TIG Welding Machine High Frequency 220V TIG MMA 200

Top best Chinese TIG welder reviews in the USA 2019 2

List Price:  $299.00
Price: $229.99
You save: $69.01 (23%)
Customer Rating: (6 Reviews)
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200 amp IGBT Tig Stick Welder with tig torch, earth clamp, electrode holder and gas tubing. Adopt IGBT inverter technology, Compared to MOS Technology newly, significantly reduce breakdown. Inverter frequency up to 100KHZ, the technology is mature, steady performance. Simple arc ignition, clutter spattering, stable present, and excellent forming.

This device DOES NOT come with a flow meter or regulator, which you’ll have to purchase separately. To be clear, there is a place to hook up your argon, but it could be unregulated unless you are buying a separate flowmeter or regulator — and I doubt you want to be blasting the full 2500psi which will be coming from an entire bottle of argon. The argon is flashlight line with valve in torch body. For the size of its mobile and has a flat arch.

It is a great machine, but if you would like to use it into use in extreme environments or if it will bounce around in the back of a van or pickup, buy a Miller or Lincoln. If you’d like a reliable, easy to prepare and use the machine for hobby or special projects, this is a fantastic machine. I use it for several projects and fabricating prototypes and jigs. It works well, has great energy of my system makes it simple to use anywhere.

2. ZENY Arc Welding Machine DC Inverter Dual Voltage

Top best Chinese TIG welder reviews in the USA 2019 3

List Price:  $111.50
Price: $111.50
You save: ()
Customer Rating: (23 Reviews)
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ZENY the MMA Stick welder package add the welding electrodes. It gives infinite amperage control with an LED meter so that you may set the machine to your desired settings. Perfect for machinery production, sheet metal processing, guardrail, automotive maintenance, iron processing, large projects, factory, shipyard, home decoration, construction field, etc..

This ZENY ARC Welding Machine supports 110V and 220V input voltage, with built-in voltage reimbursement technology, it can usually work when power voltage fluctuates between +/- 15 percent.

Adopt advanced IGBT technology, greater inverter efficiency up to 85%, more power saving than a traditional welder. Support by PWM control system, high reliability to keep stable long continuous work.

3. HITBOX TIG Welder 200A Pulse Welder 220V

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List Price:  $499.99
Price: $249.99
You save: $250.00 (50%)
Customer Rating: (1 Reviews)
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TIG Welder STICK MMA using Pulse digital ammeters for easy viewing. High Frequency, the multi-function design enables the machine to make it to the need of welding for high quality. Accessories including Tig torch, ground clamp, electrode and gas tube, ready to use.

The TIG Welder STICK MMA multi-function design enables the system to reach the need of welding for high quality. Pulsed-High functionality on ultra-narrow surfaces with no deformation. Compact and mobile with the lightweight. Digital ammeters for straightforward viewing. Protections including over-heat, over-voltage, low-voltage and over-current.


All these full, best Chinese TIG welder testimonials can allow you to discover the merchandise with the ideal energy levels and additional features your next job needs. Invest now, and you will find why TIG welding is such a coveted ability to possess, even over other additional technical capacities. Additionally, when you have the Chinese TIG welder, you receive a lot of free practice at home to hone your skills and may finally begin to sample other products such as plasma cutters.

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