Top 5 Best Motorola Baby Monitor Under $150 (2019 Reviews)

Best Motorola Baby Monitor Under $150

I will reviews with a very famous brand not only in baby monitor but also in technology products – Motorola baby monitor

I will review 5 best Motorola baby monitor models. They are in different price range and offer different key features which are suitable for certain unique situation. Anyway, they are the best baby monitor of Motorola.

About the Motorola

Motorola is an American multinational telecommunications company founded on September 25th 1928. Yes, a very long history!

With the mission of existing to invent, build and deliver the best mobile devices on the planet, improving the lives of millions people, Motorola has invented, developed and launched several types of technology products. Motorola is often known with some products like cell phone, television and radio rather than baby monitor. However, people who concern about baby care products will know that Motorola is a leading brand in that field.

If you follow my posts about baby monitors, you will see that I have made some topics to talk about Motorola baby monitor such as: Motorola MBP33s reviews or Motorola MBP43 review. There are many other Motorola baby monitor models; they may be audio, video or wifi baby monitor or combination of these types. And each one offers different strong and weak points.

So, let’s scroll down and find some information about best Motorola baby monitor models as below.

Top 5 Detail review for Best Motorola Baby Monitor

1. Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

List Price: 


You save: ()

Customer Rating: ()

Motorola MBP36 is one of the best video monitors for twins that I mentioned in my topics about best video baby monitor for those who have twins or two children in different rooms. Firstly, Motorola MBP36 has compact design with two separate part – two cameras for two baby units and a 3.5’’ screen, function buttons in two sides of screen which allows parents to easily operate on one screen while monitoring two babies. Moreover, its functions and features are also as same as Motorola MBP36S. This Motorola baby monitor has good enough range about 650 ft. I think that it is enough for almost families. If you have large house and often go out (such as: gardening), you can refer some suggestion about best long range baby monitorthat I also mention to.

Followings are some of its pros and cons:


  • Ease to use

This camera is very easy to set up and connect between camera and monitor screen. I just plug and choose the frequency then use without and interrupting.

  • Reliable

Motorola often launches impressive and reliable products, especially in baby monitors categories. This baby monitor never loses its signal (except for out of range, of course) and it also has out of range and low battery alert. So I never worry about interrupted monitoring.

  • Convenient

Like MBP43-2, this one also has convenient features like: remote pan, tilt and zoom, temperature indicator, 5 built-in lullabies and two-way communication

  • Ability to take digital pictures

One of my most favorite things about this baby monitor is its ability to take digital pictures. I don’t sure that it is essential for most parents but to me it helps me to capture nice moment of babies.


  • No night light.

I found it not problem but some people often complain about this.

Overall, there is nothing really innovative in MBP36 in comparison with Motorola MBP43-2, but I still evaluate it as the best video monitors for twins because it does not have full package of features but it brings essential function and keep people peace of mind.

  • High price

In comparison with 4 other best baby monitors of Motorola, this one has high price but it also provides corresponding values.

2. Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

List Price: $127.64

Price: $127.64

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Customer Rating: (1645 Reviews)

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The Motorola MBP36S is a wireless video baby monitor that enables you to always keep an eye on things. The crystal clear two-way audio feature allows you to very clearly communicate as if you are in the same room with your little one. Rest assured that they are always safe and sound with the large 3.5 inch diagonal color screen, remote pan, tilt, and zoom, and infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels. The multiple camera viewing with picture-in-picture and auto-switch screen options allow you to add additional cameras to enable you to keep an eye on the entire family in up to 4 rooms of your home. With Motorola’s MBP36S you’re free to watch them dream.

MBP36S is upgraded version of MBP36; however, this baby monitor has only one camera. You can still expand one more camera but added camera will be separately sold. Let’s see its pros and cons:


  • Convenient and easy to use

Still remain nice features like two-way communication, remote pan/tilt and zoom, screen with flip-out stand and smart alert, this Motorola MBP36S brings convenient and comfort to parent.

  • Affordable price

In comparison with Motorola MBP36, this MBP36S has more affordable price because it has only one camera. Therefore, if you love MBP36 and want to keep using it but you just need only 1 camera, this is for you.


  • Not very good image quality.

3. Motorola MBP854CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP854CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

List Price: $154.99

Price: $154.99

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (1142 Reviews)

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Motorola MBP854 is one of my choice for best wifi baby monitor 2017. This wifi baby monitor allows you to use it as a wireless video baby monitor when you are at home and within its range and as a wifi baby monitor to control your baby wherever you are on smartphone or tablet while you are away from home. It’s very convenient with both monitor screen and compatible devices. MBP854 just has one cameras so it is more suitable for those who want to monitor 1 baby in one room.

Pros and cons of Motorola MBP854 Dual Mode baby monitor:


  • Peace of mind

This baby monitor is also has sound and motion detection function. You can ensure that your baby is in safe mode with comprehensive monitoring. Instead of constantly looking on the screen, you will receive alerts from baby monitor if there is no movement detected and the sounds from your baby are loud.

  • Convenient and comfortable

This baby monitor provides 4.3 inches screen with clear video and sound.

MBP854 baby monitor is equipped with 2 way communication, lullabies playing function for further comfort.

  • Customizable

You can turn off wifi function and use this baby monitor as a wireless baby monitor if you need. In some case, when my wifi system is broken down and I am at home, I can continue using it.

  • Image snapshot

Some people may find it not necessary but for those who love keeping moments, this is nice feature. I am a person like that. With this, I don’t miss any cute moments of my baby.


  • Short battery life (when you the monitor screen).

4. Motorola MBP853CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP853CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

List Price: $118.99

Price: $118.99

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (1142 Reviews)

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This Motorola wifi baby monitor also has screen for using this baby as a wireless one. The 3.5 inches with 720p HD video quality is very suitable to handheld while still provides people clear and crystal images. Its pros and cons as following:


  • Options to stream to either a standalone viewer or smartphone app

As I said, you can you it as a wireless baby monitor or wifi baby monitor. You can turn off Wi Fi and use it as normal video baby monitor. All is simple and easy to use and set up

  • Peace of mind

Besides monitoring baby form anywhere, there is a remarkable one is that you receive firmware upgrades for further security without paying any fee.

  • Standard function

Built in with remote pan and tilt and zoom, temperature monitoring as well as two way communication, this baby monitor provides you standard and needed function.

  • Picture snapshot

Which helps you keep lifetime moments.


  • Short battery hours (about 3 hours)

5. Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor

List Price: $89.99

Price: $119.99

You save: $-30.00 (-33%)

Customer Rating: (414 Reviews)

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Motorola MPB25-2 is a best baby monitor for two rooms with best price which suit for many families


  • Affordable price

At the time my sister bought this baby monitor, the price is near $100. For a baby monitor including two cameras, this price is even cheaper than many other audio baby monitor or video baby monitor with only 1 cameras

  • Reliable – Peace of mind

My team just test this one for about 3 weeks (borrow from my sister, after 7 months she used this baby monitor), but it never loses its signal. You not only can keep an eyes to your babies but also be assured of uninterrupted monitoring of your baby.

Like Motorola MBP43-2, this one also owns smart alert system which alarms when device runs low battery or out of range.

High sensitive microphone and good night images give me peace of mind when I wake up at midnight and still see my baby without any wrongs. I often do not have nightlight in my nursery but I still see it clearly when the lights go out.

  • Convenient

You can zoom to see your babies in more close-up way and talk back to your baby via monitor device.

Moreover, you can turn off video and leave audio on. Not only does this save energy (while the baby monitor has short battery life), but it also lets you hear your babies’ voice as you to continue to work.


  • So sensitive

Because the microphone of Motorola MBP25-2 is so sensitive, so sometimes it picks up unnecessary noise in the room.

  • Short battery life:

Only last for about 2.5 hours, it is short for me. However, you can recharge it or always plug it into a socket and keep it plugged. So I think you do not need to worry about it much.


These above are my choice for best Motorola baby monitor models. Did you choose for you one? In bottom line, I just want to repeat that each baby monitor will suit for unique situation. Don’t assume that every expensive one is the best but keep in mind that every suitable one is the best.

These 5 Motorola baby monitors have its own strong and weak points also. Wifi baby monitor like MBP854 or MBP853 will be suitable for those who often travel abroad or want to monitor their baby form office or somewhere out of home.

Other, like MBP25-2, a cheap baby monitor with 2 cameras suit for families with two children or want to save money.

So, how about you? If you are still wondering, leave a question or comment below, I will help you to choose a suitable one.

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