Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019)

Best Offset Smokers under $500

Have you ever tasted of smoked meat? Till now I remember it. Whenever I move to restaurants, I go for smoked meat because its smell and taste remain in for a long time. Now, this smoked meat can be prepared at home too with the use of meat smokers. As there are many types of smokers, the one that suits the best for houses is the offset meat smokers.

The offset meat smokers are innovative and attractive meat smokers with an offset firebox. You can use this meat smoker both in indoor and outdoor environments and so I recommend it significantly for household use.

What is an offset smoker?

The offset smoker is a simple advantageous smoker designed with various functions. The critical feature of an offset smoker is it has a separate firebox apart from the grilling pan. This firebox generates heat, and the grilling pan uses this heat for operation. The heat generated is given entirely to the grilling pan, and so the meats cook even.

Some people ask me why we should use an offset smoker compared to other smokers. Here it is, the offset smokers cook the meats and dishes evenly which the regular smokers fail to do so. Further, safety offered by offset smoker is high compared to regular smokers. The fire within the smokers can be controlled easily within offset smokers. Also, you can use them for both indoor and outdoor use.

To get higher efficiency from offset smokers, you should afford the best one. As there are many types of offset smokers, select the best one is a tough job. So, I have come with the shortlisted products of top offset smokers. Hope this will help you and make your selection better.

List of 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500

1. Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

The top-rated offset smoker in the list is the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker. This smoker is a simple, innovative smoker designed with various functions. It is not only an offset smoker. Instead, it is a combination of charcoal grill and BBQ. This smoker cooks meats similar to that of restaurants.

Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019) 1

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The critical feature of this product is the quality. All the components of this product have a high-quality material design with it. This design offers flexibility to the product, and so the smoker can withstand various circumstances for a long time. All the materials also have a sturdy design, and so they withstand different temperatures effectively.

The offset firebox is cylindrical, and it has a dual opening setup with it. You can access this two opening set-up for two separate functions. One is for obtaining the charcoal, and the other is for removing the dust. The top opening is wider than the bottom, and this opening is used for placing the charcoal and for controlling the fire.

The upper and lower regions are separated with a grill so that only the remains and ashes after burning fall in it. This ashes can b cleaned quickly with the help of bottom opening. Further, it also allows air to circulate within the firebox.

This smoker has three handles with it. Among the three one is used for the opening firebox, one for accessing the grill pan and the final one is for repositioning the product. This product has stood with four legs. Among them, two has a flat base, and the other two has wheels in it. The flat bottom keeps the smoker in position during cooking, whereas the wheels can relocate the smoker to various places.

The product also uses a small tray along with the set-up. You can use this plate for holding little things and accessories like sauce bottle, salt, and pepper containers, etc. You can easily remove the dust and remains from the smoker.

Special Feature:

It is a combination of charcoal grill and BBQ.

Key features:

  • 290 Sq inch,
  • adjustable height steel fire grate.


  • easy ash removal,
  • built-in damper.

2. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

The Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D smoker is a vertical smoker designed with an offset firebox. As this is a vertical smoker, the design of the product is unique compared to other smokers. Further, the entire product acts as a best helping hand for both the beginners and professionals. You can use this smoker and cook various types of meat efficiently.

Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019) 2

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As this is a vertical smoker, the surface area used for cooking the meat is high compared to others. You can use this smoker for cooking various simple foods other than beef too. Further, This smoker can cook different recipes also.

This meat smoker has almost six grill trays with it. These grill plates can be filled effectively based on your need. All these plates have chromium plating in them, and so the durability offered by the plate is high. The tray has temperature resistant and corrosion resistant feature with it. This feature makes it effective than other means.

While coming to offset smoker, the durability offered by the smoker is also high. The smoker is compact, and it comes with a small box. This box has opened at the top and holes throughout it. You can place the charcoal strips within this box, and they act to burn them efficiently. In addition to this, there is a handle to access the firebox, and with this, you can easily control the fire within the product.

In addition to this, there is a top hole at the vertical smoker. This tower can expel the smoke from the chamber. By evacuating smoke, you can get fresh, smoky and tasty meat from the smoker. This product is compact too, and so you can use it both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Special Feature:

The grill has plated with chromium for the durable performance.

Key features:

  • chromium plated grills,
  • temperature resistant.


  • handle access,
  • corrosion resistant.


  • Paint melt by heat.

3. Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill

The third product in the list is the Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill. It is an active smoking grill that comes with an offset smoker. The offset smoker used within the product can withstand various temperature, and so you can use it for smoking any types and kinds of dishes.

Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019) 3

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It is a cylindrical grill that offers multiple functions to the user. It can be used as a smoker, grilling pan and as a BBQ. The dishes from this grilling pan remains high in taste and performance. Further, this is a traditional style of cooking equipment, and so only professionals can handle the product quickly.

The entire product has heavy-duty, sturdy construction with black powder coated steel material. This steel is efficient, and it withholds various temperature conditions. Since the steel has a black coating, it offers corrosion resistant, rust-proof and durable feature to the users. In addition to this, the characteristic of this heavy-duty material does not alter with temperature.

This product also has internal casting iron technology. This technology offers a non-stick feature to the users, and so the recipes of food do not stick to the tray. Further, this step makes cleaning easy and efficient.

The offset firebox has removable charcoal holders with it. It helps you to control the fire without any loss. In addition to this, the offset firebox has an opening at the posterior end. With this opening, you can easily remove the remains of fire within the box.

It is a traditional smoker, and so the handles have a wooden design. This wood resists heat, and so you can access them whenever needed. The entire product has four legs, among them two are flat, and they keep the product in position. The edges of the other two legs have wheels with it so that you can replace the product to other places as per as your need.

Special Feature:

The entire product is made of heavy duty material and being sturdy for longtime.

Key features:

  • removable charcoal drawer,
  • double bottom.


  • dump ash easily,
  • durable.


  • Has bent part.

4. Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

The next smoker in the list is Green Mountain Grills Smoker. The critical feature of this smoker is its technology. This smoker uses advanced technology with it. This technology offers them advanced functions with reputation and functions.

Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019) 4

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This product operates on open flame technology. The firebox has a rectangular design with a box. This box is opened entirely at the top, and so the charcoal burns perfectly. In addition to this, all the sides of the table have openings with it. They help the box to dust out the remains and ashes thoroughly.

The entire system operates with three power options. All these three power options yield higher performance compared to others. In addition to this, these power options enable you to cook a wide variety of dishes. Apart from fire, this product also uses electric energy for operation.

The entire product has a high-quality material design with it. This design is sturdy and has temperature-resistant feature. Further, the use of high-quality materials also adds corrosion resistant characteristic to the product. This product also has a tower hole with it. You can use this tower hole for evacuating smoke from the steam chamber. It reduces the pressure within the product.

It is an ultra-compact smoker among all models and lightweight too. Further, the stands of the product can be adapted easily according to the environmental conditions. All these features allow you to carry and port the product to various places as per as your need. You can use this product is camping, traveling, hunting and in festivals.

Apart from the above features, this device also has WiFi technology with it. With this, you can easily control the heat from various places.

Special Feature:

This meat smoker has controlled by WiFi.

Key features:

  • open flame technology,
  • ultimate tailgating grill.


  • 3 power adaptions,
  • portable.


  • Bad at temperature control.

5. Camp Chef PG24S Pellet Grill and Smoker Deluxe

The offset smoker that ranks fifth in the list is the Camp Chef PG24S Pellet Grill. It is an advanced smoker that has a control panel with it. The control panel is within the firebox, and it can control various operations of the grill pan. Further, the firebox is rectangular with a wide variety of functions

Top 5 Best Offset Smokers under $500 (Reviews in 2019) 5

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The control panel includes a LED display unit with a temperature knob. You can use the temperature knob controlling various functions of the product. IT has almost eight variable options. With this, you can make many recipes for a long time. In addition to this, there is also probe temperature alert and fuse within the panel.

The firebox uses a high-quality aluminum lid, and it is at the top. With this, you can quickly put the charcoal into the firebox. Further, the cover is made up of sturdy material that offers a rust-resistant feature to the users. There is a small handle placed with the firebox, and you can use this handle for carrying the product to various locations.

The inner grills used within the smoker has black non-stick coating design, and so cleaning the remains is easy. This black coating resists heat and corrosion to a great extent. There is an opening at the top. This opening eliminates the steam from the chamber, and so pressure within the box remains constant.

This setup also has two wheels at the bottom. These two wheels are flexible, and they help the user to carry the product to various places. Apart from this, there is a side tray with the product. You can use this plate for accessing and placing small products.

Special Feature:

The advanced control panel within the firefox is managing the temperature control properly.

Key features:

  • aluminum lid,
  • non-stick coating design.


  • corrosion resistant,
  • temperature control.


  • Smoke ring is not there.


The above mentioned are the top-rated offset smokers in the market. Do use an offset smoker and make your cooking efficient for a long time.

Have an offset smoker in the home? Comment your views about it.

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