Top 15 best Chinese, Japanese, Thailand soy sauce (2019 Reviews)

best Chinese, Japanese, Thailand soy sauce

Soy sauce is a staple Chinese seasoning component. The source is traced back to the 6th century when salt was used to conserve fish, pork, chicken, and meat subsequently the leeched liquid by-product was used to season other foods. The vegetarians then became common by which meant that the meaty seasoning would not be able to be employed by many.

Thus, the sausage seasoning substituted the meat seasonings throughout the Han dynasty. The grains used at this time were soybeans since they were easy to find and harvest. The fermented soybeans were utilized to make’douche’ which would later evolve into soy sauce.

The same principle saw the rise of soy sauce in Japan. Where a Japanese Zen priest while studying in China came across this kind of seasoning. When he moved back to Japan, he introduced the same idea of seasoning. But, he added several other ingredients to the recipe. He blended wheat and soybeans. This supplied a mellow flavor to the sauce making the food taste much better. From the 17th century, the method had evolved to the extent that it was very close to our soy sauce today.

Below is ten best Chinese, Japanese, Thailand soy sauce assist you in improving the flavor of a meal.

List of 15 best flying Chinese, Japanese, Thailand… soy sauce reviews

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