Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews)

Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming Reviews

MP3 players for a swimmer? Yes, this is possible with the help of waterproof technology or whatever you call this phenomenon.

Today in the market, we do have hundreds of different design, feature, and specification of waterproof MP3 players which has been specially designed for the swimmer. It does not matter that how deep you do in the swimming pool, the MP3 player will not let you disappointed by stopping at any moment after you jump in the water.

I bring the list of best waterproof MP3 players for swimming or swimmer. Defiantly, these are not limited to the swimmers only but anyone including those who do not swim and even go to the gym. The waterproof MP3 players work in the rain and you can go to the beach without worrying about your MP3 player. Although, if you are not good to remember to remove your gadgets from pockets before the laundry, then a waterproof MP3 player is equally important for you as it is important for the swimmer.

How to Find the Best Waterproof mp3 Players for Swimming

There isn’t any hard and fast rule when it’s come to purchase the best waterproof MP3 player for swimming. You need to do the same things which you will do to purchase any other thing.

You can take advice from your swimmer friends regarding the brands and models which are more reliable and last longer. You can even take help from the swimmer living in other parts of the world with the help of internet. You can also read the review of the different MP3 player by the people who already purchased them and sharing their experience only.

In short are different ways to find the best waterproof MP3 players for swimmers. Following I am sharing all of these possible ways and also including the list of top 10 or best waterproof MP3 players available for you. Other than this, I am also sharing the important information regarding the subject to help you to get maximum knowledge about it. So, you can end up purchasing only the “best waterproof MP3 player”.

Things to consider buying the best waterproof mp3 players for swimming

Before purchasing your next or maybe the first waterproof MP3 player for swimming, you need to consider four most important things which are compatibility, design, and storage and playback time. Why? Read the details below:

Compatibility and Device Support

The MP3 player which you have chosen for the swimming should be compatible with maximum devices, operating system and support the maximum audio files. Do not buy a waterproof MP3 play which supports only MP3 files but also other audio files which could be anything from AAC to WAN and files downloaded from iTunes etc. It depends totally on you that from where you download and the songs. If the purchased MP3 player does not support the files which you download then you have to convert them to the required format which is defiantly a time taking process. So, consider the compatibility of the device.

Design and Control

A design does not mean the look of the device but also how does it fit when you are swimming. The MP3 player which has been designed for the swimmers comes up in different designs to make it easy for the swimmer to swim and enjoy the music. Some of them come up with the clipper which you can use to attach the device to your swimming suit or even just cap etc. Today companies are also making the wearable MP3 players for an active lifestyle. So, explore all these options and decide that which fit well with you and you are comfortable with. It is not necessary that a wearable MP3 player will fit with you as it looks good. So consider the control and design both and yes, do not forget that what is popular and trending.

Internal Storage

More storage is better but the size of an audio song is not very big. An MP3 player which has storage of 4GB or 8GB is enough to store thousands of songs. If you want to go with further storage then MP3 player is not a good choice for you but iPod which could be very expensive for you. So, for MP3 player, 4 to 8 GB internal storage is enough to enjoy the music for hours and have all of your favorite songs at one place without removing others.

Playback Time and Battery

This is something which most of the swimmer do not consider as they have time to recharge the better. But if you are a person who goes to swimming for the hour and wants to use the MP3 player as your regular music device, then you should consider the Playback time and life of the battery. Also, consider that how long it takes to charge the battery etc. The more is indeed better but do not consider more than 16 hours playback time which is enough for one week for the swimmer who swims 2 hours daily.

Due to their importance, I am writing these four facts about every MP3 player reviews below so you can easily compare two products and end up with the best.

Best Waterproof Mp3 Players for Swimming Reviewed

Following is the list of best waterproof MP3 players for swimmers. The review and rating of these products have been based on the number of positive reviews on different online websites including shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. So, these are not biased reviews at all to make you purchase one of them.

The following reviews have the complete introduction of each and every MP3 play including the pros and cons and why you should purchase one and why not. I have also included the details of four things which you consider before purchasing a waterproof MP3 player which are compatibility, design, and storage and playback time. This will also help you to compare one from other.

The following list has been numbered or ranked on the number of most positive reviews and their specifications

1. FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

Best Budget MP3 Players to Buy in 2019

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 1

List Price: List price not available

Price: $102.99

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (595 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

An easy to wear design of this MP3 player made me put it the top of my list where it is also a popular product on Amazon with most positive reviews. There are two reasons behind it; the price and the design. If you do not like to wear earbuds while swimming as irritate your ears due to water, then you should look at these waterproof MP3 Player because it gives a clean sound under the water without the earbuds.

Compatibility: This MP3 player isn’t limited to play the regular music files like MP3 and WMA but also compatible with the iTunes, audiobooks, and many more similar platforms.

Design: The bone conduction vibrations gives amazing sound while you are swimming in the deep water. This design also makes it comfortable to wear.

Storage: This MP3 comes up with built 4GB storage options. This storage allows you to save up to 1000 songs and other music files.

Playback time: Once the device is fully charged, it can be used to enjoy music for 60 hours continuously. The file size of the song does not affect the playback time.


  • Bone conduction audio transmission
  •  Support all audio formats
  •  Compatible with iTunes and audio books
  •   60 hours playback time
  •  Up to 3 meters and 30 minutes waterproof
  •  Streamlined fit due to integrated design


  • Only 4 GB storage with no extra options
  • Quality of product material is not very good

If you are a regular swimmer and looking for a long-term solution to keep enjoying the music even if you are swimming in the deep water, then you should consider purchasing this FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player. It is a long-lasting product with great features, especially the design and ear support.

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2. Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Headphone

Best Budget mp3 player under 50$

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 2

List Price: $38.02

Price: $38.00

You save: $0.02 ()

Customer Rating: (751 Reviews)

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There are very limited waterproof MP3 players which have been made by the Pyle and surprisingly, all of them are popular due to the design and other features. This is one of the most Pyle products with most positive reviews on Amazon. The small size and flexible design of this MP3 player make it different from others. It is made for many sports like swimming, running, fitness and extreme exercises in the gym which makes the ear sweaty and make difficult to enjoy the music.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all the popular audio files and works with all operating systems as well including Windows, Max, and iTunes etc. It works like drag and drops option with all of these operating systems to add the files.

Design: By size, it is a quite small size MP3 player which every one wishes for the years. This MP3 player looks like the set of headphone because the storage design area is small which great news is for those who wants small size MP3 player.

Storage: This MP3 player comes up with the basic 4G storage option. This storage device works as the flash memory card which is plug and play. You cannot enhance the space.

Playback time: Usually the waterproof MP3 players do not give the long playback time but this Pyle’s product will allow you to enjoy the music for up to 10 hours continuously.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Flexible headphones which are not interfering
  • 10 hours playback time
  • 4GD flash memory (plug and play)
  • Water blocking earbuds
  • Extra water earbuds included
  • Easy to transfer data to the device


  • Re-adjust problem and lose fit
  • Device re-orders tracks automatically

If you are looking for a waterproof MP3 player which is small in size, then you need to consider this item. It has really good water blocking earbuds which fit in the ears easily. Whether you are doing jumping jacks in the gym or enjoying the deep swimming in the water, you will never feel that you are wearing the headphones. This is because of flexible design, fit earbuds and small size.

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3. Pyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Headphones

Best Cheap MP3 Player

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 3

List Price: $49.99

Price: $49.99

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (101 Reviews)

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All waterproof MP3 players are wireless and we know that but the Bluetooth quality of this Pyle MP3 player is advance from other, that’s why the company is still promoting as Wireless MP3 player with headphone. The design of this device is bendable, flexible and adjustable. Due to the high quality of design and material used in this device’s manufacturing makes it last for long term. You can also use the headphones of this MP3 player to attend calls as hand free because there is built in microphone in it.

Compatibility: This device is based on the Bluetooth technology, so you can enjoy all type of music, does not matter the type of file as long as you can connect it with your wireless MP3 player with the help of Bluetooth.

Design: The Inflex waterproof MP3 player has a flexible and adjustable design which has been specially designed for the swimmer by adding the bendable feature in it. It has been made of marine grade waterproof material.

Storage: This headphone can store up to 8GB data which means that you can store more than 2500 songs in it. There isn’t any option to extend the storage of this device

Playback time: You can enjoy the non-stop music for up to 13 hours through this MP3 because it has 13 hours battery life.


  • Wear it for hours with no fatigue
  • 13 hours battery life
  • 8 GB storage (2500 songs can store)
  • Device charged in 4 hours only
  • Wireless waterproof MP3 player
  • Great for all sports including swimming
  • Bluetooth waterproof headphone
  • Flexible and adjustable design


  • Perfect seal required for best sound
  • Touch play button does not work perfectly

The advanced technology of this MP3 player with wireless headphones does not only allow you to enjoy the music while you are swimming but also allow you to attend the calls because there is a built-in microphone. If you got a lot of calls during the workout or when you are busy playing your games, then you should consider purchasing this item from the list.

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4. Diver DB-10 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player with Waterproof Earphones

Best MP3 Players You Can Buy in 2019

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 4

List Price: List price not available

Price: $39.99

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (756 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

It is an old style looking MP3 player but 100% waterproof which comes up with the free waterproof headphones. The design is not the only thing which looks old but its whole system has been inspired by the old school MP3 player because it does not seem to have the complex technology. No flash card or Wi-Fi there but the only way to transfer songs to your MP3 player is USB cable. It is more likely plug n play concept. Transfer songs directly from your computer (Windows and MAC) and enjoy the music while having a deep swim for trying purpose or just for the fitness purpose etc.

Compatibility: Works with Windows and MAC only. The songs can be easily transferred from computer to MP3 player simply with the help of USB cable. The file transfer rate is very fast.

Design: One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this MP3 player is its design which is simple and easily adjusts while you are swimming. Especially, the free headphones fit very well in the ear.

Storage: This MP3 player has 4GB internal memory while there is no option to extend it. You can store up to 1000 songs in this storage easily as its support all type of music files.

Playback Time: Total playback time of this MP3 player is 16 hours. The better has a very good extended life. The battery comes up with one year warranty in which you can replace or re-order it with a new battery.


  • Excellent and simple design
  • Adjustable waterproof headphone
  • Good fit on ear due to support
  • Available in two colors
  • USDB included for transfer
  • 12-month warranty on a battery
  • 12-month warranty on the headphone


  • The price is high
  • Vocals are just ok

This old style MP3 player is good for those who are not ok with the new complex technology. Transferring music is very easy and its work in same way as the USB or flash drives. The 12-month warranty on battery and headphone gives you guarantee that the company has used best to make this MP3 for swimmers.

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5. Aerb MD191 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player W Waterproof Earphones

Best Budget Mp3 Player

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 5

List Price: List price not available

Price: Price not available

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (32 Reviews)

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I love the supporting design of this new Aerb waterproof MP3 player which has been designed especially for the swimmers and come with the earphone in two different colors. Sadly, it does not support the iTunes and shuffles but only MP3 and other songs formats including WMA. So, if you want to play music from iTunes, simply convert them into MP3 or WMA format. Clear sound, Easy data transfer with the help of USB and ability to keep the water resist even under 3 meters makes this MP3, a must to have gadget for the swimmers.

Compatibility: The Aerb’s MP3 works with all the operating system. No need to install any extra software but do not support iTunes sync at all.

Design: Design is the reason due to which this product is making the name in the MP3 market. It fits really well while it can be attached with swimming cap or shorts with the help of built-in-clip.

Storage: There is 4GB built-in memory in this MP3 player. Like another gadget in my list, this MP3 also does not have any option to extend its storage size.

Playback Time: As per user’s reviews, this MP3 for swimmer has up to 10 hours of playback time. The company hasn’t mentioned any specific time on the sale page.


  • Cheap in price
  • Good compatibility
  • Stylish and adjustable
  • Unique clip for attaching
  • USB 2.0 data transfer feature
  • Water resistant to 3 meters of depth
  • 100% waterproof and water resist


  • Can’t sync iTunes or shuffle
  • Earphone quality is not very good

This MP3 player comes up with the clipper which can be used to attach it to the swimming dress. Whether you are wearing the belt, cap, pant, shorts or shirt, this clipper will allow you to attach the MP3 player to it. It is an ideal waterproof MP3 which can be used for more than just swimming purpose. The price is very low as compare to others. You must buy it if you are looking for a cheap MP3 player for yourself.

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6. Diver 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player with LCD Display and Earphones

Best Budget MP3 players with FM radio

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 6

List Price: List price not available

Price: $49.95

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (477 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

This is the first item on my list which has the LCD feature. Usually, the LCD is not mean to be found in the waterproof products but with the help of latest technology, this could be possible. The driver has taken advantage of it and brings LCD option in the waterproof MP3 player for swimmers. The LCD will allow you to see that which song is played while you can scroll down quickly to play the required song. By weight, it is a very low weight MP3 player (only 21g without headphones). The advanced feature of this MP3 player is the built-in FM radio options which integrated with the nearby radio station easily without doing complicated radio signals tuning etc.

Compatibility: This MP3 works with all the famous operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 and MAC, OS X etc. It is also integrated with the iTunes. All data can be transferred through easy USB 2.0 interface.

Design: The design of the MP3 player has been designed to adjust to the active life. It is not only suitable for the swimmers but for anyone who has the active lifestyle. It can easily attach with the help of clipper and have very light in weight.

Storage: This item comes up with the basic storage option which is only 4 GB. This option is enough to store up to 800-1000 songs at once. The FM radio does not affect the storage and can be played any time without having any extra space.

Playback Time: The charging time of this waterproof MP3 player is quite lengthy but in turn, you get really good playback time which allows you to swim for hours while enjoying the music underwater.


  • There is built-in FM radio audio
  • 21 grams of weight without headphone
  • Waterproof headphones included
  • Support all the operating system
  • Works fine with the iTunes
  • Easy to transfer songs with USB interface
  • Support MP3 and other audio files


  • Charging timing is not very good
  • The MP3 player is little fiddly.

Maybe it is an old looking MP3 player but it has all the advanced features which you want to see in a waterproof MP3 player for the swimmer. It is hard to find a swimmer’s MP3 player which comes up with the LCD option while this product has this feature. The audio radio is an extra option which means that you can listen more than just songs including live radio shows of your choice.

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7. Swimbuds Headphones and 8 GB SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player with Shuffle Feature

Top Waterproof MP3 Players of 2019

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 7

List Price: $59.95

Price: $59.95

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (1441 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

What if I tell you that there is a waterproof MP3 Player for swimmer which comes up with free headphone, shuffle feature and also a free set of the goggle? Well, the Swimbuds has made your dream come true by including all of these in their new waterproof MP3 player. In the price of one, you are getting more than a just MP3 player. The other items which you will get with the MP3 player devices included the free goggles, hair gel, headphones, and FitGoo etc. The material which has been used in the manufacturing of this MP3 player is 100% waterproof and water resistant even in the deep sea. By size, it is very small which can be fit anywhere easily to make the swimming session tension free for you.

Compatibility: This MP3 player supports all operating system but not the iTunes. The file transfer works in same way as you transfer files from one file to other with the help of USB. IT does not support AAC but the other audio files.

Design: By size, it is an ideal divide for the swimmers. It can be easily carried when you are swimming. It is available in red color along with red goggle. To make it easy to use, there aren’t any complex buttons there. It has touched and plays technology.

Storage: In this price, it is hard to get so many accessories free and 8 GB of storage. This Swim buds, the MP3 player comes up with total 8 GB storage which allows you to save thousands of songs and other audio files easily.

Playback Time: There isn’t any information about the playback time available on the product sale page but users are happy whatever time they are getting. You can ask directly from the customer services about the playback time who replies very quickly to all questions.


  • 8 GB storage to save thousands of songs
  • Reasonable price as compare to iPod
  • Very good sound quality and long battery life
  • Free accessories included
  • Grad and drop option for the file transfer
  • The earbuds fit very well
  • The cables are short (no tangle)
  • Waterproof headphones also included.


  • It is not compatible with iTunes
  • The quality of goggles is cheap.

This is an ideal MP3 player for everyone (not only for the swimmers) due to the storage size and cheap price. The company is giving free accessories with each package to attract the customers but the main attraction of this product is still its waterproof device and headphones. The drag and drop options make it very easy for the users to transfer songs from computer to MP3 player. The transfer rate is very quick.

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8. 8GB swimming mp3 player with short cord headphones

Best Budget MP3 Players to Buy in 2019

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 8

List Price: List price not available

Price: Price not available

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (78 Reviews)

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Till now all of the MP3 players are available in the single color and design. This Sigomatech waterproof MP3 player is available in four different colors and two different sizes. This allows you to choose the best one which matches with your taste and requirement. It is a small size MP3 player which can be easily adjustable where it comes up with the shortcode headphone. This MP3 player does support shuffle and sequence play feature.

Compatibility: This device is compatible with all operating system and audio files. It does not play MP4 and other advance files at all. The basic supporting file formats are WAV, MP3, and WMA.

Design: Small in size, gives the look of the button and flexible small buttons make it an ideal MP3 player for the swimmers. The material which has been used in this product is very farm and gives a nice feeling when it has been touched

Storage: Instead of offering 4GB, the company is giving total 8GB storage option in this MP3 player. This storage cannot be extended while it is enough to store thousands of songs and other audio files.

Playback Time: The battery file is 12 hours which allow you to play songs for up to 12 hours continuously. The charging time is also quick where the company offers 30 days money back risk-free warranty.


  • The company offers the 1-year warranty
  • 30 days money back refund option
  • Clip included on the back for support
  • Support multiple audio files
  • Shuffle and sequence play option included
  • 100# waterproof MP3 player
  • Gold plated stereo jack
  • Waterproof until 10 feet.


  • There are issued with the charging
  • It does not support iTunes.

The most of users have purchased this MP3 player due to its small size and high storage options. The clip on the back can allow you to attach it easily to swimming cap and other places. There isn’t complex technology there which has been used in this MP3 player. The file transfer is very easy. In such a low price, it is hard to find the same quality MP3 player.

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9. AGPtEK S05 8 GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Best Underwater and Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 9

List Price: List price not available

Price: from $69.99

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (9 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

It is a wearable waterproof MP3 player which is easy to wear while you are swimming, exercising in the gym, and running or play any other sport. This MP3 player is available in one design and color scheme which is blue and black. It is 100% waterproof because of the marine grade material. It is fully covered with it so you can enjoy the music while swimming deep in the swimming pool. It is well designed, easy to wear and very light in the weight.

Compatibility: It is compatible with many devices and allows you to transfer and play different sound files. The popular sound files supported by AGPTEK are WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA, and OGG etc.

Design: One of the best designs as compared to other MP3 players mentioned in this list. You can wear it on your wrist same as the watch.

Storage: This device comes up with total 8 GB of the space. This space will allow you to save and play up to 1000 songs. The number of files also depends on the type of file and size of the file.

Playback Time: Among the whole list till now, this MP3 player gives the best and longest playback time which is up to 22 hours when fully recharged. The playback time also depends on the level of volume.


  • Marine grade material
  • 8 GB of storage
  • Clear bass and stereo
  • Lightweight and wearable
  • Easy to add songs
  • 22 hours playback time
  • High-quality sound
  • Submergible headphone
  • Swimming earbuds


  • The limited number of reviews
  • Connectivity issues

Purchase this MP3 player is you are looking for a wearable MP3 player to swim easily. There isn’t any other wire than headphones which are adjustable and overall has a flexible design.

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10. Waterfi 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player and FM Radio Swim Kit

2019 Best Waterproof Mp3 Players For Swimming

Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming (2019 Reviews) 10

List Price: List price not available

Price: from $139.99

You save: (NAN%)

Customer Rating: (82 Reviews)

Buy on Amazon

I am putting this item at the end of the list because this waterproof MP3 player has been launched recently and there are very few limited reviews but all of them are positive. Otherwise, as per the specifications, this MP3 is no less than others which have been mentioned above. To win the heart of customers, the company is offering 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty. This gives surety that it is a high-quality MP3 player for the swimmers.

Compatibility: This MP3 player is compatible with all operating systems including iTunes. The songs can be transferred easily with the help of USB cable.

Design: Small in size, light in weight and 360 rotating clip makes it an ideal MP3 player to buy. It is not limited to the swimmers only but other sports too.

Storage: 8 GB of storage will allow you to store more than 2000 songs. There isn’t any need to remove old songs because of availability of space.

Playback Time: The battery allows you to play songs for up to 10 years continuously. It has a rechargeable 180 mAh polymer battery.


  • Audio FM feature included
  • Made from high-quality material
  • It can store 2000+ songs
  • 1-year warranty from the company
  • 30 days no risk guarantee


  • New product and less review
  • Customer services are not very good.

As the product is new, that’s why there is the limited number of reviews but the new product also means the new technology and features. So, this is surely one of the ideal MP3 players to purchase in 2019 due to design, technology and storage size.

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Waterproof vs. Water Repellent vs. Water Resistant

Many people confused these three terms; waterproof, water resistant and water repellent as same where these three are totally three different things but with the same agenda. When you are purchasing an MP3 which can be used while you are swimming in deep water, then you should stick yourself with the waterproof device. There are many companies who try to sell their water resistant and water repellent devices by talking about their benefits but they cannot last long in the water same as the waterproof MP3 player.

To understand the difference between these three, we should look at their definition and need to understand that what makes them different from each other and how one is better than others.

Water resistant:
These devices are made to protect the device from the small water like the water of rain and splashes of any liquid. If there are lots of water and your device has been fully dropped in the water then the resistant does not work as the water start entering the device which damage or dead the device within seconds

Water repellent:
These devices have some special coating to protect the device from the water. It is one step ahead of the water-resistant device but does not protect the device in case of a lot of water like when the person is swimming and even standing in the rain for the longer period.

These devices are fully coated with the special material and made from the specific material to protect the inner of the device from water. It does not matter that how long you put the device into the water, the device works fine. This has been done with the help of hydrophobic coating, material and special seals etc. The depth of the water does not really affect the waterproof MP3 Players.

How Water Damages Electronics

We all know since our childhood that the water damages the electronics and this is somehow true until the electronic devices are not 10% waterproof. According to the scientists, it is not the water which actually damages the device but its minerals. If the water gets trapped then the minerals in the water start working on the surface of the device which damaged the programming. The popular corrosive particles which damaged the electronics are salts and minerals found in the water.

If your device gets some water on it, you can simply protect is by drying it instantly. Leaving water on the electronics for longer period damages the device due to the reactions of the minerals. That’s why there was the need to make the electronics which are 100% waterproof. Especially, the devices like MP3 player for the sportsmen, swimmers, gymers and much more.

If it is a small device, then you can protect it and bring to life simply by removing water and leaving it for days in the dry place. But when it’s come to the devices like MP3 player and mobile phone, then it is not possible to remove the water from them completely. Today, companies are making these devices very complex to open for the cleaning purpose. That’s why it is important to consider moving to the waterproof products if you spend your most of time near the water.

The main purpose of waterproof devices is to not allow water to stay inside the body of the device for a longer period. It has been doing with the help of special material which has been used and the hydroponic coating etc.

Benefits Of Waterproof MP3 Players

The flexibility is the most common and important benefit of having an MP3 player which is waterproof as it allows you to enjoy music without worrying about water around you. But this is not the only benefit of purchasing a waterproof MP3 player. Following are some other general but important benefits of purchasing a waterproof MP3 player:

Protection against water

Defiantly, the main purpose of a waterproof MP3 player is the protection against water. You can enjoy the swimming or do not need to get worried if you forget to remove your MP3 from your pocket before the laundry or your accidentally dropped in the toilet etc. It is not possible to repair the regular MP3 player if its drop into the water but a waterproof MP3 player will still without doing any additional thing.

Enjoy sport without any fear

The waterproof gadgets are usually for the active lifestyle and sports. The sweat can easily damage the electronic device as there is more quantity of salt and other minerals in it. The waterproof MP3 play will allow you to enjoy any of the sport including swimming without any fear of the damage.

Goes well in all seasons

You do not need to put your MP3 back in your pocket or safe place when it is raining and you are walking in or going to swimming or beach etc. The waterproof MP3 player goes well in all situation and seasons. It does not limit you to stop listening and enjoy your favorite music and songs when you really want to listen one to enjoy the weather most.

Saves money, actually lot of money

It is true that the waterproof MP3 players are expensive but they still save a lot of money because a waterproof MP3 player is a one-time investment. You do not need to purchase a new MP3 player every month due to water damage because the waterproof MP3 player does not get damaged from the water which is usually the most common reason of the damages of the electronics.

Why Can’t I Use Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones in the Pool?

The electronic or you can say the Bluetooth signals do not transmit in same way underwater as they do in the air. This is the only reason due to which the waterproof Bluetooth headphone does not work underwater. When you go in the pool by wearing the Bluetooth headphone, your connection with the Bluetooth device automatically canceled because water does not let the Bluetooth signals to pass through the water.

There isn’t any technology which has been introduced to today day which allows Bluetooth signals to pass through the water. That’s why, instead of wasting your money to purchase the waterproof headphone which is wireless, it is better to purchase the waterproof MP3 player.

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