Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews)

Best Wifi Baby Monitor Reviews

Hi All, today I come with a very nice post about best wifi baby monitor. I have mentioned to this type of baby monitor many times in other posts. So today, I have a separate post to talk about this amazing type of baby monitor. We are living in a modern life with explosion of technology, we have many new and effective ways to make our life become more convenient, especially in baby monitoring. If you have time to stay close and watch your baby 24/7, there is nothing to discuss more. But I am not sure that all parents can do this. In case you have to back to work or are abroad, how can you work productively if you do not know what your baby is doing? And, best wifi baby monitor will help you very much in this situation.

When you need to purchase a monitoring device, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best baby monitor. However, I will list out and analyze 5 premium options below for your convenience. All following models are top rated baby monitor with Wifi and each one has its own nice features, so don’t skip any one; let’s find the most suitable one for you.

Why and when you should choose baby monitor with WiFi?

As I said many times, an expensive and modern baby monitor is not the most suitable one for your family. There are various types of baby monitor in the market. And each one suitable for different kinds of family.

Wi Fi baby monitors is very popular in the market and provides many advantages and modern technology. However, in some case these modern features are not really necessary so it become superfluous.

So in which situation and when you should choose a baby monitor with Wi Fi?

  • You often have to be away from home such as travelling, working in office or having business trip abroad and so on. And you still want to check what your child is doing.
  • You want to share watching video with family members or you need a multi-users baby monitor. Popularly, wifi baby monitor allows people to add more users and constant views. So you can share with your partners or babysitter images of your baby.
  • You want to experience modern technology and advanced features. As I said above, Wi Fi baby monitor provides several of high technology functions and features, so if you want further comfort, you should choose wifi baby monitor

When you shouldn’t purchase a wifi baby monitor?

  • You don’t use any devices using Wi Fi. It seems to be waste if you only install Wi Fi to use baby monitor. But nowadays, almost families have Wi Fi.
  • You want to minimize budget for baby monitor. If you cannot afford, audio or cheap video baby monitor will be more suitable.
  • You just stay home and need basic function baby monitors.

These above are reason for purchase or not purchase a Wi Fi baby monitor. If you think that you do not need a Wi Fi baby monitor, you can refer our review for best video baby monitor or best Angelcare baby monitor. But if, you think wifi baby monitor is answer for you, let’s see our detail review for top rated wifi baby monitor as below.

Detail Review For Best Wifi Baby Monitor

1. Motorola MBP853CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews) 1

List Price: $118.99

Price: $118.99

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (1142 Reviews)

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Unlike iBaby M6T or M6S (the next products), Motorola wifi baby monitors often still have screen for using this baby as a wireless one. And Motorola MBP853 is one like that. The 3.5 inches with 720p HD video quality is very suitable to handheld while still provides people clear and crystal images. Its pros and cons as following:


  • Options to stream to either a standalone viewer or smartphone app

As I said, you can you it as a wireless baby monitor or wifi baby monitor. You can turn off Wi Fi and use it as normal video baby monitor. All is simple and easy to use and set up

  • Peace of mind

Besides monitoring baby form anywhere, there is a remarkable one is that you receive firmware upgrades for further security without paying any fee.

  • Standard function

Built in with remote pan and tilt and zoom, temperature monitoring as well as two way communication, this baby monitor provides you standard and needed function.

  • Picture snapshot

Which helps you keep lifetime moments.


  • Short battery hours (about 3 hours)

2. iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Camera Monitor

Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews) 2

List Price: $159.95

Price: $68.73

You save: $91.22 (57%)

Customer Rating: (147 Reviews)

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Ibaby M6T is one of leading brands in baby care like baby monitor. Especially, iBaby often launches nice design baby monitors which are very suitable for baby care products. You can find more about some its product in our An in-depth ibaby monitor M6 review or iBaby monitor review. But now, I just introduce you a significant Wi Fi baby monitor of this brand: iBaby M6T:


  • Nice and compact design

iBaby Monitor M6T has unisex and nice design with the base and the camera unit as a bold, bulbous ball which is really impressive.

  • Good video quality and night vision

iBaby M6T provides 720p HD video so I can see everything crystal and clearly. Among baby monitors I have chance to use and test, iBaby M6T is one of the baby monitors with best night vision.

  • Convenient

Remote pan/tilt and zoom is one of my most favorite functions because I can zoom in to see clearer and press the button to scan the zoom without entering the room. With it, I do not incidentally wake my baby up as well as do not need to move between my room and nursery. It’s very convenient

In addition, room temperature monitoring functions also helps me very much to sleep better because I can ensure the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

  • Advanced technology for further comfort

When mention WiFi baby monitor, everyone knows that it keep us a peace of mind because parents can monitor their baby wherever they are as long as they have internet connection. But, iBaby monitor M6T provides us further comfort by allowing unlimited users. When I was abroad for a business trip, I invited my partner and babysitter to watch my baby because I cannot constantly check him.

Moreover, some other advanced technology like lullabies and music playing, voice recording and talk back function help me very much in soothing my baby when I cannot stay with him.


  • High price

But not expensive all at. Because it brings many nice features, I think what I have to pay for is reasonable.

  • Cannot mount to the wall by itself

When my child turns to toddler, I want to mount this monitor to the wall but I have to buy support device to mount it. But it is not expensive (about near 10$)

Briefly, iBaby M6T is suitable for parent who prefer a good looking baby monitor with free App for almost smartphone and operation system together with advanced features.

3. iBaby Monitor M6S

Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews) 3

List Price: $179.95

Price: $102.68

You save: $77.27 (43%)

Customer Rating: (528 Reviews)

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iBaby Monitor M6S is really a big leap from previous version M6 or M6T. Remain design with monitor base and ball-shape camera, its appearance seem not to be changed anything. But its system is upgraded with many excellent points. Night vision, two-way speakers, play lullabies, 360 view, free cloud and for iOS & android seem to be very similar; so what make it different? Let’s see:


  • 1080p HD video resolution

This is the first one we should mention to, if M6T and M6 model only provide HD video, this iBaby Monitor review provide full HD video for parents, baby sister or any users to watch crystal, clear images and videos even at night or in dark light. When I am watching video transmitting from M6T, then change to M6S and use the same iPhone to install app, it’s really amazing.

  • Double convenient

It brings more convenient when support dual routers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. So I can flexibly choose and change to suitable frequency.

Moreover, iBaby M6S has air quality sensor while M6 and M6T don’t have. Sometimes, my baby cries at night because the temperature is too hot. So it is helps me so much in keeping track the environment in baby’s room.


  • High price

IBaby M6S has same price range but it owns some added features. This is one of high-end baby monitors that I like most. I am not sure all of its advanced features are essentials for all parents, but if you want to experience the top convenient and peace of mind, let’s try it. But, if you do not want to spend too much on baby monitor, Snug V2 is great idea.

4. Snug Baby Monitor v2

Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews) 4

List Price: $149.99

Price: $27.99

You save: $122.00 (81%)

Customer Rating: (318 Reviews)

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Snug is a brand manufacturing sound and play products like headphone, hearing protector, especially baby care products such as travel baby bed or baby monitor. In which, Snug V2 is one of the most remarkable one. Like other Wifi baby monitor, this Snug V2 allows you monitoring baby wherever you are with internet connection. Unlike most of other wifi baby monitor, Snug V2 has motion detection to monitor movement of your baby. Its pros and cons as below:


  • Affordable price

This factor is concerned by many people. Not all people have high income to afford for a high-end baby monitors. So, Snug launches this baby monitor; although it doesn’t have full pack of features like lullabies or two way communication like others, but it provides right price for all people can afford for it.

  • Simple and quick set up

I can easily set up it, then download its app (for free, I use iPhone 6) and then enter required information and password. It is very simple. I also change personal password for added security.

  • Peace of mind

Snug V2 best wifi baby monitor allows people monitoring their babies wherever they are. Moreover, parents have added peace of mind with motion and sound detection. The combination among video – wifi – audio and motion baby monitor in Snug V2 bring people further comfort. Instead of constantly checking screen to watch baby, you can turn video off and still receive alerts from system if sound exceeds preset level or no movement detected after preset time.

It also has remote pan and tilt together with led indicator and night vision light sensor.


  • The picture is not very clear when you room
  • The app consumes my device’s battery fast.

I have two words to talk about this best wifi baby monitor: simple and useful. Although it isn’t advanced like other expensive one but it complete the tasks of a baby monitor and make parent peace of mind.

5. Motorola MBP854CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

Top 5 Best Wifi Baby Monitor Under $100 to $150 (2019 Reviews) 5

List Price: $154.99

Price: $154.99

You save: ()

Customer Rating: (1142 Reviews)

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The last one in list of best wifi baby monitor 2017 is Motorola MBP854. If you have ever tried a baby monitor from Motorola, I think you will want to buy another one from this brand. My team has tried many type of baby monitor from this: Motorola MBP33SMotorola MBP43 or some others as in our Motorola baby monitor review. We are all satisfied with them.


  • Peace of mind

This baby monitor is also has sound and motion detection function. You can ensure that your baby is in safe mode with comprehensive monitoring. Instead of constantly looking on the screen, you will receive alerts from baby monitor if there is no movement detected and the sounds from your baby are loud.

  • Convenient and comfortable

This baby monitor provides 4.3 inches screen with clear video and sound.

MBP854 baby monitor is equipped with 2 way communication, lullabies playing function for further comfort.

  • Customizable

You can turn off wifi function and use this baby monitor as a wireless baby monitor if you need. In some case, when my wifi system is broken down and I am at home, I can continue using it.

  • Image snapshot

Some people may find it not necessary but for those who love keeping moments, this is nice feature. I am a person like that. With this, I don’t miss any cute moments of my baby.


  • Short battery life (when you the monitor screen).


So, thank you all of you for reading my reviews. For more ideas about baby monitor, read our post to compare baby monitors to choose the right one for you.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or question if you have any concern or consideration. I will read and reply all of you.

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