Top 10 best wood for pizza oven in 2019

best wood for pizza oven

Besides picking out the great outdoor pizza wood-fired oven, among the most crucial problems is picking the proper kind of wood to burn off. It might not be as straightforward as you may hope or expect. Included in these are the ideal wood to burn a pizza oven.

Many wood-fired ovens are built in this manner that you slap your pie into the room where the flame and coals are still burning. The catch, of course, would be to be sure the heat affects the pizza equally, but that is a matter for another day. Since the timber itself is burning at precisely the same room as your meals, you will want to contemplate what that passion is adding into your pizza attentively.

To get right to the stage the very best wood for pizza oven are hardwoods like ash, walnut, cherry, maple, and beech. While they are more costly than softwoods, you will see the difference when using your pizza oven.

List of 10 best wood for pizza oven

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