Why Do People Go Hog Hunting?

Why Do People Go Hog Hunting

If you are a hunter who typically only participates in the killing of the small game but are interested in getting further up the ladder to hunt bigger and better game, then you might consider the option of hog hunting. The wild hogs can be hunted in numerous states and should be on the list of animals to be hunted. If we do not move forward and start to kill more of the wild hogs, you can bet that more of our animals and agriculture are going to be at risk of being eliminated. Before you begin to decide on if you think that you can hunt these creatures maybe you should know a little more about the effects from the wild hogs.

Wild hogs are most seen ingesting their food at two times a day. You can most likely see a wild boar feeding at the time of dawn when they are just rising up from a night of sleep or at dusk when looking to calm down for the rest of the night. The wild boars will typically spend their days running wild and resting in large mud holes to keep cool from the sun beating down on them. These wild hogs will eat numerous items on the food chain and will start to show the damage being caused by their feeding over time.

You will be able to start to see the downgrade of your plantation from the eating of the wild hogs. The hogs will eat anything from your crops that are accessible to them from not being properly fenced to the ingesting of birds and reptiles. These wild hogs will eat the nesting eggs from birds who lay their eggs in nests on the ground as well as the reptiles and amphibians that do the same. There is virtually nothing that these wild hogs would not eat.

The wild hogs are also disease-carrying animals as they are known to carry diseases to other livestock and animals as well as being able to transfer diseases to humans. The 2 most common diseases that can be transferred to the human population from the wild hogs are the Pseudorabies disease and the swine brucellosis.

There is the problem that these wild hogs can reproduce several times a year and with litters being up into the high single digits that makes hog hunting that much more important. You will need to contact your local game office to see what the specifics are on what time of year you can go wild boar hunting as well as where the best places are of locating the wild hogs in your area for a wild hog hunting trip.

Most hunters prefer to go feral hog hunting with dogs. Hog hunting dogs typically come in two categories: Bay dogs and catch dogs. Bay dogs corner the hog by being vocally aggressive. This alerts the hunter to the hog’s presence and allows him to get a clean shot without worrying about the hog charging him. Catch dogs physically drag down the hog and hold it down by the ear. This allows the hunter to get right up to the hog and kill it with a hunting knife rather than waste bullets. Dogs are a great aspect of making a hog hunt a success.

The meat that can be taken from the hog is excellent for eating as with any other game that you hunt. You will need to know the proper way of handling the meat and processing the meat in order to eat it. When cooking the meat, you want to make sure that you cook it to the proper degree as well. The experts recommend the cooking time to be until the center of the meat is reached a degree of 165 when a meat thermometer is inserted into the meat. This allows for the killing of any disease parasites and organisms that are in the meat.

Now that you are properly informed, go out and enjoy some pig hunting! Or, if you are interested in hunting animals that aren’t considered popular hunting game, you should try coyote hunting or bear hunting.

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