Nikon 7218 Action 10 x 50mm Binoculars Review

Nikon 7218 Action 10 x 50mm Binoculars Reviews

Getting a best binoculars for hunting at a relatively low price is not easy. It is common that a within a given price range, you expect to get products having more or less the same features. This is however not the case with this Nikon pair of binoculars. This black beauty called the Nikon 7218 Action 10 x 50mm Binoculars has multi-coated spherical lenses for clear sight and distinct edge-to-edge viewing capabilities. The exit pupils are effective at light gathering, a superior design feature indeed. With its 50mm objective lens, BaK-4 high index prisms, and 10x magnification, you can see moving animals with all the clarity you need during your hunting expeditions. The black finish is both aesthetic and camouflaging.

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The Nikon 7218 Action 10 X 50mm Binoculars comes at a discount from the manufacturer to enable you have the opportunity of enjoying this great optic device. This is the reason why among the products that lie in the same price range as this pair of binoculars, there is none that comes anywhere close to it in terms of features and performance.

This is a good discount facilitated by the manufactures as it’s incredible to get such a device at such a low cost. This is the best selling among the Nikon Action series and there is obviously a good reason behind these sales. With these binoculars, the user will be sure of getting a very close as well as very personal experience with the animals and other outdoor objects.

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Features of the Nikon 7218 Action 10 x 50mm Binoculars

  • The pair of binoculars features the roof system type of prism.
  • It has a long eye relief
  • It has the BaK-4 prisms that boosts and enhances for clear, bright and crisp viewing.
  • Its eyecups are the twist-up design to enhance quick adjustment
  • Superior light transmission is boasted by multi-coated optics


  • Magnification x Objective lens is 10 x 50 mm.
  • Ample close focus
  • A long eye relief together with a field of view that’s ultra wide.
  • It is black in color
  • The dimension is 4.2 × 8.4 × 9.6 inches


  • It is relatively heavy
  • It is too large to be carried around
  • Lack of fog proof and waterproof
  • Some customers say that it’s quite unstable

What Customers Are Saying?

The highest number of customers who talking well of the Nikon 7218 Binoculars give it credit for its quality lenses. The pair of binoculars has been designed with multi-coated optics that has made it possible for its customers to enjoy superior light transmission.

The second most important thing about this device, according to customers is the fact that the binoculars boosts of strong construction. The pair of binoculars is compact and well designed to be resistant to drop. In addition to this, it has a good eye relief making it to be very suitable with those who wear glasses. However, some customers say that its field of view is slightly smaller though acceptable. This is however a concern of just a few customers as the majority of them marvels at the width of the field of view. The type of eyecups is also a subject of talk by some of the customers. The twist up type has made those who are trying this type for the first time to go abuzz as it enables them to be able to adjust the binoculars faster and with lots of ease.

The pair of binoculars can be used for any outdoor viewing activities. People enjoy hunting, fishing, bird watching, tourism activities, mountaineering among other outdoor activities when they use this unique device. Astronomers also do talk well about this device not forgetting those who love attending games and sporting events.
The Nikon 7218 is also credited for having a very superior performance when you compare it with other binoculars of the same price range. It is pretty decent and its aesthetics really match its performance. In a nutshell, all customers do not find any fault in this pair of binoculars when they compare it with the price.  Though it is not very perfect, it is the best within its price range. The main disadvantages are the fact that it is quite bulky and also the fact that it is not weather proof.

Some customers complain that they cannot be able to move around with their Action 10 x 50mm Binoculars with ease. In addition, those who travel a lot find it difficult to have the binoculars as an accompanying optic device. This is because the pair of binoculars is quite big compared to many. In addition, it is quite heavy making it difficult to focus objects for long periods of time. On the other hand, customers have complained that they aren’t able to use their pair of binoculars in places with extreme environmental conditions. These include places with hot temperatures that make fog to form in on the inside part of the lenses as well as during rainy weather conditions. It is not weather proof and is therefore not safe to use it in fishing and other marine activities.


If you can save some more hundreds of dollars, then you can go for other binoculars that are more superior to this one. You need less heavy and smaller binoculars for your day to day activities. However, if you are on budget, this is the best hunting binoculars you can get at in the market at a relatively low price. Its optics is very much commendable. You will absolutely enjoy any of your outdoor activities with the use of the Nikon 7218 Action 10 X 50mm Binoculars.

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