Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 10×42 Binocular (Black) Reviews

Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 10×42 Binocular (Black) Reviews

In the 21st century, Nikon is among those companies that have been credited for putting quality, performance together with customer satisfaction as their priority. The company has been producing new devices that have basically been improving on the faults of the previous ones in the market. One of their latest products in the market is the Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 10×42 Binocular (Black), is one of the best hunting binoculars and an optic product that is truly the last word in hunting optical performance. In addition to setting standards in quality when it comes to hunting, these binoculars come equipped with phase correction roof prisms, which are high reflected and possess multi-coated lenses. Your outdoor adventure just got better with this unique device.

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Each moment you spend on the field is maximized by the Nikon 7541 Monarch 3, which brings with it high-resolution viewing no matter the ambient lighting (day, night, anything in between). No matter how demanding your expedition, the Monarch rises to the occasion. From its streamlined ATB body and turn-slide rubber eyecups to its long eye-relief and multi-click feature, the Monarch also gets you a 25-year no-fault repair or replacement warranty. These are the binoculars any fishing, hunting, bird watching and outdoor-loving person turns to for field performance value.

Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10x42 Binocular (Black)
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Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10x42 Binocular (Black)
  • High Reflective Silver Alloy Phase corrected prisms - helps eliminate the degradation of the image caused by different light phases reflecting in the binocular.
  • Fully Multicoated - all lens surfaces are multicoated with anti-reflective coatings
  • Polycarbonate Body - designed to be rugged and durable
  • Multi-click Turn and Slide Eyecups with generous eye relief - great for eyeglass wearers
  • Unmatched Warranty - 25 year No Fault repair or replace warranty


  • It has the high reflexive phase corrected prisms of silver-alloy that helps in the elimination of image degradation which is caused by the different light phase reflection.
  • 25 years unmatched warranty (replace or no fault replacement)
  • Superior light transmission is boasted by multi-coated optics. Anti reflexive coatings are used.
  • Has a rugged and durable polycarbonate designed body
  • Features slide eyecups and multi-click turn
  • Has a great eye relief making it to be the great for those who wear glasses
  • It is 100% waterproof and fog proof, being O-ring sealed and being nitrogen purged for reliability for the same
  • It has a center focus knob that’s large to enhance ease in adjustments


  • Magnification x Objective lens is 10 × 42
  • It is black in color
  • The dimension is 3 x 5.1 x 5.7 inches
  • A long eye relief of 17.4 mm to 24.1 mm together with a field of view that’s ultra wide. The field of view in ft at 1000yards is 299 feet to 330 feet
  • Has an exit pupil of 4.2 mm
  • Close focus in ft of 9.8 feet


  • No known disadvantage

What Customers Are Saying?

This is a very unique product that has a unique ergonomic design. It’s worth the positive reviews that it is given as it has factored in all the interests of people. For instance, many of the heavy binoculars are the ones that are always adaptable to the tripod. However, the Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 – 10×42   is a very lightweight designed product, small in size but still adaptable to the tripod. Viewers are never tired of holding the binoculars. However, when it comes to activities that require you to view something for an extended duration of time, then the tripods are necessary regardless of the weight and size of your product. Customers who love sporting activities that go for prolonged periods of time do love this pair of binoculars the most. It is also designed with a soft feel factored in so as to make the user comfortable for longer periods of time while using the product.

The rugged and polycarbonate design that has been used on its body makes the product unique and nice to look at. Although this has been done with durability as the main reason, customers just love the touch, comfort and are content to be the owners of that Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 that they have.

One great customer recalls his first hunting expedition with it. He remembers his fellow hunters having gone to the wild two days before he got there but in the long run; he was able to almost double what each of the fellow hunters had killed by the end of his fifth day. He attributed his success to the use of these great optic accompaniments. To prove this fact, the other hunters gradually decided to buy it and give a try and sure enough, the returns became very outstanding.

Unlike most of the other binoculars that have got very strong pros but also have cons, this piece has not yet registered any product related disadvantage. It is a new product and new products always have their own challenges during introduction in the market. However, this one has been able to smoothly make a name for itself in this crowded market. It has not registered any disadvantage among the users.


Nikon is an Optics company that is specialized and dedicated to performance, quality and complete customer satisfaction. This being their latest offer, is one of those products that have had no complaints being registered against it. The only complaints may be technical hitches that are not product related. It is one of those products that the user will experience plenty of light being brought to their eyes thereby having a better focus of the image.  This is because of its magnification as well as the modern design technologies employed in the design of the product. In a nutshell, the Nikon 7541 Monarch 3 10×42 will offer you good view stability because of the generous degrees of its field of vision and its good depth of visibility. This without doubt is one of the best binoculars for hunting and a must have for anyone who loves hunting.

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